Virtual movie night: watch parties with Scener

Scener is the best way to watch shows and movies with others. Whether you’re looking to hang out privately with friends, or connect with fans in your virtual theater, Scener is the only way to watch premium entertainment from the major services in perfect sync with people around the world.
the basics

The basics

Scener syncs shows or movies with everyone in your watch party. Video, audio, and text chat allow you to share and interact in real time. It’s like being in a virtual movie theater!

getting started

Getting started

To get started with Scener, you need a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome and the free Scener Chrome Extension. You can then invite friends to a private room or join a public party to watch content, with a subscription, from almost any major streaming platforms. We support over 10 streaming platforms including Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Prime Video.

watch parties

Watch parties

You can be the host of a watch party in a room or a theater. Unlimited guests can join a theater, but only the host and co-hosts that they choose can be on camera. Rooms are invite-only, and up to 10 guests can be on camera.

perfect host

Perfect host

Hosting a watch party while watching your favorite movie or show is a lot of fun! That said, there are a few tips and tricks that can enhance the experience for you and your guests: wear headphones to prevent echo, check lighting and internet speed, share scheduled parties ahead of time, use a streaming service most people have access to, and interact with your guests.

For more information, read our FAQ. If you are having trouble using Scener, send us an e-mail at

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